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M30 Autodialer

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The Model 30 Autodialler, 8,16 and 56 Input Industrial Autodialler. Now with GSM!
Department of Trade and Industry Award Winner 2000

The M30 Autodialer is used for the Automatic communication of information on:- Occurrences, Signals, Levels, Alarms, & Data; across the standard telephone & mobile (Cell) phone network.

The M30 Autodialer transmits information in the form of high quality speech to telephones, mobile phones and data to pagers/computers or the optional M30 Central Station.

The M30 Autodialer is also a fully fleged GSM dialer

Winner of the Smart award for Innovation from the Dept of Trade and Industry

M30 Features included Real Speech, Remote Switching, GSM and upto 56 inputs.
GSM Autodialer

The  M30 Autodialler

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The M30 Auto-Dialer  is designed and manufactured by Packs Infotel Limited in the U.K.  Therefore not only are many standard features available but we also have the facilities to tailor the M30 Auto-Dialer to meet the more unusual or even unique requirements of individual customers.

  • Insurance Approved - The M30 Autodialer is fully insurance approved and recommended.
  • Inputs - The M30 automatic alarm dialer can accept up to 56 digital (switched) & 4 analogues (expandable).
  • Communication - The M30 can communicate with Pagers (Both Numeric and Alpha numeric) Telephones (land and mobile ( Cell ))) and via computers.
  • Backup Communication - The M30 Autodialer can automatically switch from a land line to the GSM network when a fault is detected.
  • Real speech - Information is transmitted by the M30 Autodialler in high quality real speech (User can record their own message) and data.
  • GSM - The M30 Auto Dialer can use the Mobile (Cell) network to send alarms. M30 GSM autodialer module
  • Remote Interrogation - Allows you to check the operation of the M30 Autodialler , the telephone lines as well as the alarm status.
  • Remote Control - Upto 16 Devices be controlled Via the M30 Autodialer either remotely via a telephone and a computer or automatically at designated times.
  • Call Back to Cancel - This is a fail-safe feature, the dialler will only stop communicating a problem when someone has acknowledged the problem.
  • Alarm Delays - Each input can have a specific delay, this is is to stop false alarms. e.g. Input 1 must have been active for 2 minutes before anyone is called.
  • Emergency Rosters - This allows Individual inputs to the dialler to dial specific people.
  • Battery Backup - The M30 Autodialer will continue to operate for at least 12hrs with out power. Upgrades to allow longer times available.
  • Central Station - Allows multiple M30's to be monitored and information collated at a central point.
  • Analogue inputs - The M30 Autodialler can also accept Analogue inputs.
  • Data Logging - Allows the M30 Autodialer to store Data from Digital and analogue inputs, this can be retrieved via voice or via a computer.
  • Menu driven - The M30 Autodialer is Fully menu driven allowing easy configuration without a large learning curve.
  • Self Diagnostics - Powerful and advanced processor and Millennium compliant.
  • Easy to Install and operate.

Typical Applications

Temperature alarm

Mains Failure

Computer Failure

Generator Failure

Boiler Lockout


Irrigation Failure

Process Failure

River/Water levels

Flood Forecasting

Fan Failure

Air Conditioning



Irrigation Failure

Fire alarms

Security Systems

Flare Stacks

Food Hygiene

Fuel & Gas

There are various further optional extras available, for further information please follow the following links.

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Further Information

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