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Nimrus Network Monitoring

NIMRUS Offers the most advanced solution for the reliable monitoring of computer networks (LAN & WAN), Servers and PCs.

The NIMRUS System incorporates a totally independent monitoring CPU and a  proven and highly advanced telemetry communication system. This provides an early warning of an impending system or network component failure.

NIMRUS does NOT utilise any part of the network to communicate a failure unlike other systems, the alarm communications are therefore not inhibited by system failures

No software needs to be  installed onto any part of the current Network


Picture of the Network Monitoring Software

Above is a Screen Print of the Remote Software in Action

NIMRUS Monitors:

  • Performance and operation of servers, PCs and Printers.
  • Web servers, Including individual pages
  • Protection from web page Vandalism and deletion.
  • Automatic repair of Vandalised or Deleted web pages
  • File Servers
  • FTP Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Service / Application Monitoring

Alert Options:

  • E-mail
  • Displayed on dedicated web page
  • Remote software
  • Pager (Numeric / Alpha Numeric)
  • Phone (Mobile)
  • Phone (Land Line)
  • SMS
Diagram Showing how Nimrus Works

Above is a Diagram showing How the System works

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