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camouflaged cameras

Camouflage is the "art of concealment." It involves disguising an object, in plain sight, in order to hide it from something or someone. We generally think of camouflage as being used during war. Soldiers often wear special camouflage clothing and smear mud on their faces at night to become less visible. But, camouflage exists in many other forms in the natural world. A white polar bear is hard to see on ice and a striped zebra is designed to blend into the African bush.

Camouflaged camera in tree

Camouflaged cameras offer extra security to your property as the "intruders" can not see where the cameras are placed.

Camouflaged camera in dense trees

Camouflaged cameras blend in with their environment and so are not obtrusive and do not damage the aesthetics of a building or landscaped garden.

Camouflaged camera in dense trees:  example 2

Packs Infotel Design and build the Cameras to suit and blend into the customers required environment.

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