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CCTV Camera Surveillance

CCTV video Surveillance provides 24 hour security , 365 days a year, It has been a proven deterrent against all forms of crime including vandalism and theft.

Packs Infotel has been designing and installing CCTV systems since 1988, and because of our experience we can offer our customers a wide range of systems whether the need is for a single camera system, an observation system or a state of the art 32 channel fully multiplexed system with digital recording and remote viewing

Cameras can be colour, black and white or combined. Combined provides colour during the day and black and white during the night. Black and white is better for viewing in poor light conditions

picture of digital recorder

NEW! 600Gbytes Digital Recorder

  • 31 day continuous recording at 12 images/second
  • 62 day continuous recording at 6 images/second
  • 4,9 or 16 Cameras
  • 80G to 600G byte Hard Drives
  • Built-in CD Writer for quick archiving of video images. CDs play both on the VDM and PC
  • Remote Access via PSTN, ISDN or Ethernet
  • Dual Removable Hard Drives
  • One box digital recording solution


Remote CCTV

NEW! Remote CCTV

  • Have you ever wondered what goes on at your Home or Business when you leave?
  • With the latest advances in Remote CCTV technology you can now view live streaming video over the internet or though your mobile phone.
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For viewing Black and White or Colour. Various Sizes and types available

Picture of CCTV monitor     Picture of LCD CCTV monitor


B/W or Colour, Low light, High resolution. Various housings also available

Picture of dome camera  Picture of Mini dome camera Picture of camera in external housing

Covert Cameras

Cameras can be hidden in passive infra red detectors, clocks, smoke detectors, security lights or anything that would not seam out of place in a specified environment.

Picture of covert cameras


For simultaneous viewing and recording of split screen images - with one or more monitors.

Picture of multiplexer

Time Lapse Video

Records from 3 Hours to 480 hours on a single video Tape.

The latest range of digital recording onto hard drive and CD/DVD is now available

Picture of time lapse VCR  Picture of a Small digital recorder

Infrared Lighting

Models ranging in power from 20 watt to 500 watt. With Built in Day Night Sensor.

Picture of an external infra red light

Camouflaged Cameras

Camouflaged cameras are made "invisible" by means of protective colouring. These cameras and housings are designed and constructed by ourselves and so can be made to blend in with your unique environment.

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Camouflaged camera 1 small Camouflaged camera 2 small Camouflaged camera 3 small

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