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Bell Boxes

Bell Box one

Bell Box type 1


  • Panoramic strobe effect illuminating the full Bellbox.
  • Easy mounting and connections reduces installation time, covers can be removed and re-attached elsewhere on the Belle.
  • Twin piezo sounders, with 118 dBa output at 1 metre.
  • Stand-by cut off timer set at 15 minutes.
  • Surface mount technology.
  • Conformally coated electronics.
  • 3 way tamper action; back, front and cut of power supply.
  • Negative and positive triggering inputs.
  • Standby indication by alternate flashing LEDs.
  • Dual skin 3mm transparent polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Transparent case and translucent lid.
  • Optional metal shroud.
  • Lid available in red, blue, yellow, black and white.
  • Base available in red, blue, amber, clear, black or green

Bell Box two

Bell Box type 2


  • 110db audio output level
  • High impact polycarbonate moulding
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Built-in 15 minute cut off timer
  • One standard built in wrap around strobe lens
  • Double skin construction
  • Nicad battery backup included
  • High visibility status LED
  • Front and rear tamper
  • Piezo sounder

Bell Box three

Bell Box type 3


  • Dual Anti-Tamper Operation
  • Integral Battery Backup
  • 115dB Sounder Output
  • Twin LED Status Indication
  • Sounder Timer Selection
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