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Alarm System Control Panels

Below are some examples of the Alarm panels we Fit and Supply

Alarm Control panel one

Industrial Panel


  • 16 Fully programmable zones with 3 dedicated to PA, Tamper and Push To Set.
  • 4 level settings allow the system to be part set in various combinations
  • Up to 4 attractive LCD or LED keypads can be fitted with the system allowing the main panel to be concealed in a cupboard or loft area.
  • A 100 event memory log stores information not only about alarm activations but also which user sets and unsets the system.
  • Can be connected to communication equipment which can be linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre.

Alarm control Panel one

Compact Domestic Panel


  • 1 Partition & 3 Arm modes
  • 4 Programmable and 2 dedicated N/C zones
  • 1 Dedicated siren output
  • 1 Dedicated strobe output
  • On-board keypad
  • Internal sounder included
  • Polycarbonate cabinet: 0.8A power supply
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