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Ornamental Lighting

Ornamental Lighting and Landscape Lighting can be an important aspect in the aesthetics and security of your house and Gardens. The lighting and highlighting of walls, shrubs, trees and architectural aspects of buildings, can make a huge difference to the feel and mood of your property at night.

Example of ornamental lighting

There are Various different types of ornamental lighting available from small simple in-ground lights to Metal Halide lights for illuminating the front of buildings

Bollards - These Light are typically no more that 43" tall and are used primarily for lighting paths and drives, but they can be very effective for lighting patios and grounds. They are available in spun aluminium, cast aluminium, cast iron, concrete, fibreglass and wood.

Stone bollard

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wooden bollard

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modern bollard

Ground Lights- These lights are mounted flush in the ground and are used in areas where the use of visible lights would be unsightly. they can be mounted in earth or concrete.

picture of an open ground light picture of a covered ground light picture of a directional ground light

Bullet Lights - Floodlights can be used to light walls, trees, statues or anything you want highlighting.

picture of an directional bullet light picture of a fixed bullet light picture of a directional bullet light

Floodlights - Similar to bullet lights except they are usually rectangular in shape and use high intensity bulbs. These hi-powered lights can be used to light large objects or with a narrow beam be used to light object from a large distance

picture of a floodlight

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Click Here to see more types of Floodlights

picture of a flood light

Festoon and string lights - Unlike Christmas lights these are very heavy duty with larger lamp globes and higher wattage's, they help to create a festive and party atmosphere all year round and have become very popular in recent years. The lamps used in the strings have a very long life span, there are versions which use LED lamps and can be used for 10 - 20 years with out having to change the bulbs. Some of the Bulbs can even be immersed in water!

picture of clear festoon lights
picture of multi coloured festoon lights

Pathway Lighting - Small pathways and walkways can usually be lit using very small and discrete lights. These tend to be very cost effective and can supply very good lighting. Some  also come with side lights and uplighters for lighting objects near them.

picture of a brick path light picture of a hidden pathway light picture of step lights

Underwater Lights - These lights as the name suggests are designed to be totally submerged in water Permanently. they can be used in a number if situations for great effects. There uses include swimming pools, fountains, ponds and some of our customer have even had them fitted in there lakes. a great way to make the grounds of you house come alive at night.

picture of an under water light

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example of underwater lighting
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picture of modern under water light

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